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British Racing Motors (BRM) cars are works of art in their own right, and what better way to reflect this than in art itself. Celebrating our rich past and shaping the future BRM Ltd is delighted to have a new piece of limited edition artwork on display at Race Retro entitled, ‘BRM a Reawakening’, commissioned by Tom Neate, Grandson of Jean Stanley who was a shareholder and Director of BRM in period, and was Sir Alfred Owen’s sister.

Tom began an exhaustive search to find the appropriate artist to represent BRM to a new audience. Antony Collings (also known as ABC) a British urban artist, has had his work displayed in galleries and exhibitions worldwide and is rapidly gaining a very credible global reputation.

 “I was delighted when approached by BRM Ltd with the idea of creating an artwork. From the first conversation, I was hooked, who wouldn’t be? The high-level brief was to create an artwork that acknowledged the history of the legendary F1 team, whilst trying to capture its resurgence.”

With a fascination for urban art and the natural process of decline that occurs in our environment, ‘BRM a Reawakening’ the title of the piece Antony has created is a juxtaposition of celebrating BRMs epic past, with images of cutting-edge engineering, overlaid with the beauty of nature.

Working in a variety of mediums for this commission including, genuine BRM vehicle paints, acrylic, spray paint and inks, Antony creates contemporary art works by building multiple layers to mirror paste-ups and decay on walls within our urban environment.

Working with the vibrancy of genuine car paint brought its own set of challenges, super-fast drying paints which loved to destroy his favourite brushes was just one challenge Antony had to overcome if the project was to be a success.

BRM Dark Lust green, BRM duck-egg green, and BRM orange derived from the Rubery Owen Corporate colour are synonymous of BRM. The green was the national colour representing GB in motor racing from 1903. The early BRM’s were duck egg green but this was later refined for aesthetic reasons to a specific ‘dark lust’ BRM green. The orange nose was added at the insistence of team owner, Sir Alfred Owen’s brother Ernest at the French GP at Reims in 1963. The bespoke tray frame used to house the original, brings this powerful colour to the fore.

There are 17 original prints available to purchase, all reflecting elements of the 17 individual BRM F1 Grand Prix Victories

For any additional sales enquiries, please contact the commissioning agent, Tom Neate, via email