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British Racing Motors (BRM) is set to attend the Prescott Historique and demonstrate their stunning MK1 P15 Chassis IV V16 on the Gloucestershire Hill Climb.

This is part of their reawakening project, where they have been strategically selecting significant events to showcase their continuation car, demonstrate their sustainability plans, and continue the unfinished story of building three “new” P15 V16s and to introduce the BRM legacy to a new audience.

The unmistakable sound of the V16 engine will echo throughout the hills of Gloucestershire on the 27th of May as Hall and Hall demonstrate the V16 up the hill.

The Owen family and Hall and Hall have invested significant time and resources into constructing the three “new” V16s. These remarkable vehicles were originally assigned chassis numbers in the 1950s, but due to subsequent changes in Formula One regulations, their development was halted. Nonetheless, the V16 remained a truly distinctive and exceptional engine, renowned for its unparalleled sound.

Chassis IV, was commissioned by John Owen, son of Sir Alfred Owen, proprietor of BRM from 1952 because he wanted the sight and sound of the glorious V16 to be seen, heard and shared with everyone once again. It has been built from scratch by Rick Hall’s Hall and Hall historic race car engineering company, with plans to run it on sustainable fuels. Their goal is to showcase that if one of the most complex F1 engines can run sustainably, then there is hope for less complex historic engines to follow suit.

Alongside the V16, a selection of other historical BRM race cars will be present, along with luminaries from the past.

The upcoming Prescott Historique event will mark the next chapter in the BRM journey.