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This week, the BRM team headed to Blyton Park to join the BRMA and over 15 BRMs for a shakedown and drive around the track to get the cars running for the season ahead.

This year’s lineup included: a Motul P201; the Marlboro P160E originally driven by Niki Lauda; two P153 Yardley cars, one of which was driven by Esteban Gutierrez ahead of this year’s Monaco Classic; a P578; a P25; a P133; a P48; a P261; a Hepworth BRM Can Am; and a P138 as driven by John Surtees.

Amongst the cars was also the 2021 V16 Chassis IV being shaken down by Rob Hall, who was testing the new stub exhausts. Rob coasted past the control room in an attempt to keep below the 110DB noise level, but smashed this on the back straight at the far side of the track and was called in for a period for violating noise levels…long live the roar of the V16!

A huge thank you to everyone who helped organise the day, with an extra thanks to Eric from the BRMA for his support. Another big thanks to Rich for capturing the spirit of the day in these stunning photographs (see more of his work here)! There were a total of 350 attendees, a record number after the pandemic, and it was brilliant to see so many of you supporting BRM this year as we celebrate the 60th anniversary of our world championship victory.



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