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Last Saturday saw the hugely successful Engineered in Bourne event take over the town’s Corn Exchange – with workshops and discussions, and an array of F1 related materials inside; and a display of 4 significant BRMs outside, including the beautiful grand-prix winning Yardley-BRM, and the recently built and raced Chassis IV P15 V16. The event was the culmination of 6 months planning, and was built on the foundations of the successful December 2022 programme when Bourne Motor Racing Club, BRM and Silverstone Museum initiated a national outreach program which reached over 600 pupils across 7 schools in the Bourne area. Saturday’s programme was led by Rob Jaina, Head of Learning and Engagement at Silverstone Museum, presenting a 45 minute workshop on the many and varied career opportunities available within the motor sport sector. Following the presentation, Rob gave all the chance to explore in a hands-on way the modern technology of Formula One, building that understanding of how the cars are made and how they work; and to see the tyres, exhausts, fuel tanks and race suits and helmets up close – and not forgetting a carbon fibre frame and a wind-tunnel model kindly provided by Pilbeam Racing. The session also included interviews with Mike Pilbeam & Nick Owen. Mike shared details of his early career with BRM, and his role in the team in the 1970s, working as race mechanic for Niki Lauda, and in the design of the P201, and then the business he subsequently built with Pilbeam Racing. Nick shared his appreciation of all achieved in the town over the last 70 years, and how the BRM Team see this legacy as also about laying the foundations for the next generation to achieve similar great things in motorsport, as well as sharing the exciting vision that he and the team have for present day BRM going forwards. In keeping with the theme of empowering and supporting the next generation of careers in motorsport, the event included the first screening of ‘BRM – World Beaters From Bourne’, a documentary by Tayte Fordham who has recently completed his MA in Motorsport Journalism at Coventry University. The added draw to the day was of course the 4 BRMs in situ outside – 3 V12 BRMs from the 1970s; the P153, P160 and the P201, and Chassis IV P15 V16, recently seen and heard racing in full splendour at Goodwood Revival in the Goodwood Trophy. Special thanks to Hall and Hall for supporting the event, and organising for these 4 spectacular cars to be present for the day. With special thanks to Hall and Hall for supporting the event, and organising for these 4 spectacular cars to be present for the day, and to the BRM Association for the wonderful display of drawings, photographs and banners capturing the history of the marque, its place in the town, and all others involved. Photographs courtesy Tayte Fordham and Trevor Alloway