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Join BRM at Goodwood Revival 17-19th September as we belatedly celebrate our 70th Anniversary in what will be the largest collection of BRM’s ever assembled.

There will also be the biggest gathering of P15 and P30 V16’s at one race meeting including the debut outing and unveiling of the first new build V16.

BRM and Goodwood have a great history together with many famous victories over the past 70 years, starting with Reg Parnell winning the Goodwood Trophy on 30th September 1950 and the famous 1, 2, 3 in 1952 with Gonzales leading Parnell and Wharton.

To celebrate the 70th Anniversary, there will be a daily BRM parade of some 30 BRM’s spanning from the 1949 chassis No.1 P15 to the 1974 P201 with a collection of V16’s leading the parade with some very loud demo laps. It will be the biggest BRM event since the winning the World Championship in 1962.

We are delighted to announce that the BRM paddock will have open public access and we very much look forward to seeing you there!

Reg Parnell winning the Goodwood Trophy on 30th September 1950  – credit GPL images
Fangio and Wharton driving the V16’s at Goodwood 1953. Fangio had qualified in pole, but Mike Hawthorn was to take second behind Mike Hawthorn’s Ferrari Thinwall Special. Credit GPL Images
Michael Turners painting of the famous 1,2,3 BRM victory in the Goodwood Trophy in 1952. Credit Michael Turner