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The 81st Goodwood Members’ meeting made history by assembling and running a grid of Can-Am cars in the UK for what is believed to be the first time.

25 of these thunderous and outrageously powerful sportscars had been assembled for a demonstration and include were the Hepworths were their P167 and P154.

We popped down to support the Hepworths who were running the P154-02 7626cc V8 Castrol liveried ex-Pedro Rodriguez car and the P167-02 7481cc V8 that David Hepworth drove. This was also the car that Howden Ganley drove to a very respectable fourth place at Laguna Seca in 1971.As usual, they were all in fine form and very busy preparing for this very special event which was to be a demonstration of these fearsome monsters.

Saturday was a great success, the weather was simply wonderful, the sun was shining, and there was no rain forecast so we were promised quite a spectacle.

The cars lined up in the collecting area was very impressive and the noise just built and built as each one fired up. The cars then made their way round to the grid which was opened up to the spectators before the whistle was blown to clear the grid allowing the cars to set off for their demo laps.

Rather than tell you about it, click the video below, to watch a compilation of some of the footage we got whilst there.

Sadly Sunday didn’t go according to plan, the P154 had what is possible ignition issues and despite the organisers holding the gates open it never made it to the grid. But the P167 did manage a couple of laps without pipes after a crack appeared and they had to be removed. It made an even more deafening noise than normal!