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This weekend will see a fabulous demonstration of Can-Am cars taking to the West Sussex circuit. These cars are beasts!  Outrageously loud and immensely powerful, these cars are certainly a sight to behold.

The Canadian-American Challenge Cup, commonly known as Can-Am, was held between 1966 and 1974 for Group 7 cars, manufacturers included Lola and Chaparral, before taking the interest of Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Porsche, before Shadow dominated the 1974 championship.

This was also a championship that BRM entered and the Hepworth Family will be taking their two wonderful cars along. The P154-02 7626cc V8 Castrol liveried ex-Pedro Rodriguez car and the P167-02 7481cc V8 that David Hepworth drove. This was also the car that Howden Ganley drove to a very respectable fourth place at Laguna Seca in 1971.

If you are going to Goodwood keep an eye (and ear)out for these fabulous cars.

Full Timetable Here