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Welcome to BRM’s newsletter, and more importantly, welcome to the BRM family. It’s an incredibly exciting time for us, and we’re thrilled to have you along for the journey!

On This Day: 1959 BRDC International Trophy

On the 2nd May 1959, the 11th BRDC International Trophy took place at Silverstone. The race was run over 50 laps of the Grand Prix circuit, and saw Stirling Moss and Ron Flockhart drive the P25, with Flockhart coming in third. 

BRM Past: Peter Spenlove-Spenlove Archives

We have recently digitised a number of V16 scrapbook pics from Peter Spenlove-Spenlove during his time with the BRM Building and Racing Team from 1951-55. Many of these never before seen images contain his own notes.

A huge thank you to the BRMA for giving us access to this fantastic insight into the rich and personal history of BRM!

BRM Present: BRM on BBC Radio Lincolnshire

Some key members of BRM’s history and future were interview by BBC Radio Lincolnshire on the Breakfast Show recently, discussing the rich past and the exciting new V16 project.

A huge thank you to BBC Radio Lincolnshire for giving us the opportunity to share the BRM heritage and celebrate this new era! Listen out for the roar of the V16, and some fantastic discussion around BRM’s past and future.

BRM Future: We’re going to Goodwood!

Classic Race Picture

We are thrilled to announce that we will be celebrating both BRM’s inaugural Grand Prix 70 years ago and the modern-day return of the incredible V16-powered Type 15 at Goodwood this year. 

The Festival of Speed will see every Grand Prix winning BRM car brought together to celebrate the seven decades since BRM debuted, and to help build-up to the launch of the reborn car at the Revival.

At Revival, there will be a fantastic collection of BRMs – the largest to ever come together on track – with a parade of these amazing racing cars on each day. Several BRMs are also set to take part in the weekend’s racing action, so it’s going to get noisy!

Photo credit: The Klementaski Collection

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British Racing Motors has entered a new era – 5 years in the planning, over 70 years since the first V16’s debuted on a racetrack, some 46 years after the last factory manufactured BRM started an F1 race, BRM is re-awakening.

Our mission is to celebrate and convey the BRM story authentically. The Owen family continue to hold this famous marque in trust for the nation, and we invite you to join us on this journey.

 We’ll be sure to bring you the latest BRM news, directly to your inbox, keeping you up to date with the exciting projects and announcements on the horizon.