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Welcome to BRM’s newsletter, and more importantly, welcome to the BRM family. It’s an incredibly exciting time for us, and we’re thrilled to have you along for the journey!

On This Day: Jackie Stewart wins BRDC International Trophy

On the 15th May, 1965, the 17th BRDC International Trophy motor race took place, run to Formula One rules, at the Silverstone Circuit. The race was run over 52 laps, and was won by Jackie Stewart in a BRM P261.

BRM Past: Owing to Owen

We have recently digitised a number of magazines and newspaper clippings as part of the growing BRM archive, amongst which was this ‘Owing to Owen’ piece. While the article itself celebrates BRM’s contribution to ‘some component or other to every British vehicle on the road’, perhaps more pertinent is the invitation to join the ‘Owen Racing Motor Association’.

It is brilliant to see how core the importance of community and belonging has been to BRM, a legacy we have carried into this new, re-awakened chapter of our journey.

BRM Present: A set of 4 BRM trophies have moved to the  Silverstone Interactive Museum

For decades, four of BRM’s trophies were on loan to the Bourne Heritage Centre museum, in the Lincolnshire town in which BRM was based, but recently have been moved to Silverstone for display in time for the Silverstone Interactive Museum’s re-opening on the 17th May.

An enormous thank you to everyone at Silverstone and particularly the Silverstone Interactive Museum for showcasing such a spectacular piece of BRM’s motoring history. Opening on May 17th, make sure you head over to see the trophies on display, and explore the museum for yourself! We have more exciting projects with the Silverstone Interactive Museum in the works, so make sure to watch this space!

We would also like to thank the Bourne Heritage Centre for their careful and thorough custodianship of the trophies for the past decade – it’s been brilliant to have had them on display in a town with such a rich BRM heritage.

Premium motoring Magazine, Magneto, have also recently written an interesting article on the BRM archive in their Issue 10: Summer 2021 edition. We encourage any BRM fans to peruse for more insight!

BRM Future: 2D Model of BRM to be installed in Bourne

As was announced by the Rutland and Stanford Mercury, a 2D model of the winning BRM from 1962 is set to be installed in Coggles Causeway, Bourne, as a lasting reminder of Bourne’s motor racing heritage.

Bourne was first put on the motor racing map by Raymond Mays, when the market-town became home to BRM. The lasting legacy of this heritage remains just as much a source of pride amongst residents today as it did then, and many tributes to BRM can be found in the area. The Bourne bypass is named ‘Raymond Mays Way’, and ‘The Raymond Mays and BRM Exhibition’ can be found at the Bourne Civic Society.

We look forward to visiting the 2D model when it has been installed, and are grateful to all those continuing to champion the legacy of BRM’s origins and honour the heritage of their town.

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British Racing Motors has entered a new era – 5 years in the planning, over 70 years since the first V16’s debuted on a racetrack, some 46 years after the last factory manufactured BRM started an F1 race, BRM is re-awakening.

Our mission is to celebrate and convey the BRM story authentically. The Owen family continue to hold this famous marque in trust for the nation, and we invite you to join us on this journey.

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